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Safety initiatives often are started with great energy and commitment.

Safety is Job 1!!!

But, unfortunately, at some point momentum is lost and the good intentions are forgotten, primarily because of inadequate oversight.

We leverage triadic reciprocal determinism to counter safety entropy -- responsibility and accountability are integrated at all levels. Our motto is, "What gets measured and evaluated multiple times at multiple levels gets done."

Responsibility -- Beyond the general admonition and obligation to ensure the safety of yourself and others, clearly defined safety activities are designed for each level of work and incorporated into the appropriate Safety Activity Form.

The article below conflates responsibility and accountability but is still a good read --

Accountability Safety Guide

Accountability -- MashupSafety includes oversight and feedback as key components of our middle and top level Safety Activity Checklists. What gets measured and evaluated over and over and over again at multiple levels gets done -- over and over and over, again.

For MashupSafety the multi-level image defines four employee classification levels. Most injuries are suffered by the first level --

First Level -- rank and file employees

Lower level -- crew leaders

Middle level -- department managers

Top level -- safety manager and/or owner/general manager

MashupSafety facilitates and simplifies assigning safety roles and responsibilities. Responsibilities are clearly defined at each level, and fulfillment is tracked and assessed.