Digitalize Your Safety Management System

Digital Mashup Forms -- making the leap from paper to power

Use our digital templates or design your own. Take a look at our Forms & Feedback page to learn more about MashupSafety structure.

Google Forms and Sheets add-ons (and a few snippets of script) inject the impact of immediacy and automated triggers turn static activity uploads into dynamic processes. See below a sampling of the features --

  • Fully customizable

  • Incorporate automated triggers that initiate safety activities

  • Send real-time notification of all safety activities

  • Structure feedback loops based on real-time notifications

  • Support/drive maximized adult learning and retention

  • Support behavior shaping and drive observation and feedback activities

  • Monitor real-time safety activity metrics, including feedback intervals (time between receiving notification of a safety activity and providing feedback on that activity)

  • Include intuitive mechanisms that guide performance and simultaneously document required safety activities

  • Maintain automated databases of all safety activities

  • Send automated reminders for key activities such as follow-up on unfinished inspection corrections; extreme high heat safety activities; or any open activity that requires confirmed closure

  • Use technology to build and implement – (1) Driver Safety Program (2) Automated Heat Illness Prevention Program (3) Site Inspection and Follow-up (4) Advanced Injury and Illness Program implementation

  • And on and on . . .

MashupSafety is a mix of the science of statistically validated safety activities and intuitive digital tools designed to facilitate the practical application of those activities.

We offer low-code/no-code digital solutions built with Google Forms, Google Sheets, and Gmail plus featured add-ons, copy and paste formulas and just a few snippets of code.
We charge a modest start-up and support fee and you get Google for the price of a free Gmail account + one very affordable add-on.

Mashup Safety Management Systems
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