Performance Support

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Performance support is essential to program implementation. MashupSafety provides both paper and digital forms as performance support tools.

Our forms provide as needed guidance for task completion, support incremental learning, and capture key leading indicator documentation and data.

Job aids are now generally considered to be paper-based and include --checklists, decision tables, procedure guides, worksheet, etc.

Performance support can be paper-based, but is now generally expected to be digital.

MashupSafety provides customizable safety activity templates -- both paper and digital -- that guide and support integrated safety management.

Read the article below for a more detailed explanation of job aids and performance support.

Job Aids and Performance Support: the convergence of learning and work

Our digital forms bring the mashup mojo to MashupSafety. Check out the article below to learn more about Google Forms --

Quick and Easy Mobile Performance Support with Google Forms