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The body of knowledge below, and our years of safety management experience, represent the key ingredients in our Digital Safety Mashup Framework. This is, "the science of statistically validated safety activities melded with the art of designing digital tools for the practical application of the activities." Best practices safety.

Add-ons and More

Google Forms 

These are the Google Forms add-ons that we have used and recommend. The most important actions that we incorporate are: 

Email Notifications for Google Forms -- 

Offers a free entry-level option that doesn’t provide access to all the functionality that you would probably want. The paid version includes the conditional logic that supports the kind of feedback our platform features.

Form Email Notifications 

Free, but no conditional logic. Check it out if your company is small and you’re interested in safety activity documentation and a straight-line system of feedback and reinforcement.

Form Ranger  

Free -- and an excellent tool to pull data from Google Sheets into your Google Forms. We use this with our Heat Illness Prevention forms.

Other, Etc 

A free and very useful add-on to extend the data-gathering capability of your forms.

Google Sheets 

These two Google Sheets add-ons can do almost everything, including:
  >Immediate email or text message notification (including the content) of submitted safety activities

  >Conditional logic that supports if/then notification and feedback based on specific data input

  >Generation and sharing of EditForm URLs to support activity follow-up and oversight

  >And so much more

We use one or both of them in the development of all of our safety management systems. The primary advantage over Google Forms add-ons is that you are able to manage activities on the backend -- using our formulas and script to develop powerful in-the-moment process management tools.

Magic Cell Notifications 

This free add-on was developed by a teacher for teachers. We requested two modifications that make this add-on a powerful tool for safety management, and you just can’t beat the price. A great user handbook walks you through getting started and more.

Sheet Automation 

Automation is the key, and Sheet Automation is the most powerful add-on we have found for business process management. There is a modest fee, but if you want to build the best possible framework this is your Huckleberry. We offer recipes we have developed that power the Mashup Safety framework. And again, great online documentation to get you going.

Formulas and Script

When you work with us we share a number of Google Sheets formulas that are actually the secret sauce required to get the most out of the add-ons and support efforts to build a best-practice digital safety management system. We currently only use one snippet of script, but it is a critical piece of the puzzle if you are interested in developing a safety management dashboard that contains essential leading indicator data.

And More


Free for up to five applets, we use IFTTT applets to automate triggers that drive safety processes and to initiate heat illness prevention activities. And there is so much more you can do -- create your own applets or use our published applets. 


Two huge advantages of NestForms -- (1) installable app with offline capability if needed, and (2) more options than Google Forms when specific form behavior and functionality is needed. Connects to Google  Sheets with a couple of clicks.

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