“We can not solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them”
Albert E

Break out of the box!

MashupSafety brings a new way of thinking about and doing safety.

Workplace safety solutions available to small and medium-size companies are rarely state of the art. Best practice advances used by large companies and government agencies just don't seem to trickle down.

Our goal is to push down -- not wait for the trickle down -- best-practice safety solutions.

The Campbell Institute describes best practice safety as a mix of the science of statistically validated safety activities and the art of designing tools for the practical application of the activities. That seems doable.

And that is what MashupSafety does. We bring science, practical innovation, and technology to safety management.

Check out the resources we share here and let us know if you'd like to learn more about MashupSafety,

Safety as a Business Process

Effective and sustainable safety management is best realized, not as a collection of one-off activities, but as an interrelated, integrated business process.

MashupSafety incorporates the psychology of social cognitive learning and behavior change; key principles of training design and delivery; performance support and job aids; and integrated program accountability systems -- creating the framework for a unified safety business process.

Sound complicated?

It is but it isn’t -- because we've done the research and the mashup so that you don’t have to. We work with you to create your customized program/forms (online and on paper) and then we walk you through the process of implementation.

Social Cognitive Learning Instructional Design Performance Support Accountability

Mashup: a mixture or fusion of disparate elements.

The Tip of the Spear -- Safety Intervention

Safety Intervention

MashupSafety focuses on targeted safety intervention. This video illustrates the simplicity of intervention -- you see something, you say something.

In-the-moment intervention is an important part of MashupSafety, but we go further. A comprehensive safety program requires more than just intervention as correction. Our program guides other one-to-one, one-to-many , and see and fix interventions. Mashup Safety continually grows the leadership skills and vision that drive safety excellence.


The behavioral safety we build into MashupSafety is based on Social Cognitive Learning. It sounds complicated, but our system is user friendly.

We are aware that if a program is overly complicated and cumbersome it will not be fully implemented or sustained.

Agile Implementation

All companies are different. Therefore, MashupSafety design and implementation is different for all companies.

We borrowed from software development to find a project management model that works for our product -- agile implementation.

Watch the first four minutes of the video and read this article -- you'll get the idea. We start small, scaffold learning and development, and customize and adjust as we go.

We leave you with a continuous learning safety process.

Leading and Lagging Indicators

Too many companies and those that advise them focus on lagging indicators, the statistics of past events -- numbers of injuries and their experience modification (ExMod). However, workers' compensation premiums are not calculated as predictors of future losses for any given company, but as a means for insurers to collect adequate premium to cover their collective total losses.

MashupSafety focuses on leading indicators, the activities predicting future performance. We help companies get safe and sell their safety data.

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