Digitalize and Automate
Your Safety Management System 
And leverage the science of adult learning and behavior change


Low-code/no-code technology opens the door for DIY development. Use our form and spreadsheet templates, custom copy-and-paste formulas, and the best Google Forms & Sheets add-ons. Paste a snippet of script -- and boom! You're off and running.

MashupSafety digitalizes and automates statistically validated safety activities.   Click here to learn more.


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Use your existing free Gmail account or open a new (free) Gmail Account. Use a personal account, or consider a low-cost Google Workspace Account.

The MashupSafety Low-Code/No-Code Workspace

Use Google Forms to convert your existing paper forms to digital format, or use our pre-built Google Forms. We offer the following forms to copy and use:

We get you started, then you build your own specialized forms and functionality.

Google Sheets makes the magic happen. All Mashup Safety Forms (including NestForms) submit to Google Sheets. 

We help you customize the sheets using formulas, add-ons, and some scripting to add programmed logic and a level of artificial intelligence to your safety processes.

We provide written step-by-step instructions. All you do is copy and paste the formulas and the script, and follow the written step-by-step instructions to leverage the power of the tools and add-ons.

You own it -- you drive it.

Google Workspace Add-ons turn
if-only to can-do. A few of our favorites include:

There may be times when you don't have internet connectivity, but you need to be able to fill out forms then and there.

NestForms is an installable app that works offline as well as online. Capture in-the-moment activities, including images, without a connection, and upload when the connection is reestablished.

But don't assume that you would only use NestForms for offline situations. This is the best installable app we have found, and it is also the best price.

NestForms & Google Sheets --
A powerful safety Mashup! 

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