Automate Heat Illness Prevention Activities
(We follow closely Cal-OSHA's sample procedures embedded below)

The MashupSafety Heat Illness Prevention App is comprehensive from a compliance standpoint and as an employee protection oversight tool.

Building a custom Automated Heat Illness Prevention App is simple. We provide a PDF with step-by-step instructions and clickable links that walk users through set-up and customization.
In 15 minutes you're up and running.

  • Automatically monitors and documents high-temperature forecasts by location

  • Alerts field supervisors via email or text of projected daily high temperatures

  • Email or text messages include a link to forms that guide heat illness prevention activities depending on forecast high-temperature

  • Standard high-temperature alert (80 to 94) -- includes a link to an online form that guides and documents Cal-OSHA required procedures for the provision of water, shade, employee monitoring and acclimatization, training, emergency action planning reminders, and any other activities the employer may require.

  • Extreme high temperature (95 and above) includes standard high heat activities noted above plus pre-shift meeting, on-site temperature log, automated reminders to confirm increased employee monitoring, communication with employees working alone, encouragement to drink water, additional 10-minute cool-down periods every two hours, and any other activities the employer may require.

  • Heat spike notification -- triggered by an increase of 10 degrees or more over the previous 5-day average (includes standard and extreme high-temperature activities described above).

  • Incorporates new employee tracking and monitoring (for those employees who have worked less than 14 days) into the online forms

All activities include real-time feedback loops and oversight -- assuring the ball doesn't get dropped.

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